LED Chopsticks

💸Yes that's right- Free!💸

🥢Are those Chopsticks? Or are you just happy Sashimi?

LED chopsticks are guaranteed to make your favorite chopstick dinners more enjoyable! They're available in 6 awesome colors and feature strong and durable FDA-grade plastic. Chopsticks are nicely tapered and comfortable square grasp- pick up your food with ease.

Each chopstick has a long-lasting LED which is perfect for long-time use. The plastic is cleaned easily for when you're finished!

LED Chopsticks Close Up

Powerful, long lasting LEDs

LED Chopsticks are perfect for:

  • Jedi Pad Thai
  • Party Ramen
  • Sending Noods


Color Selection

Just cover a Shipping & Handling Fee

Due to high demand, please allow 7-16 days for delivery

LED chopsticks are perfectly made with accurate design which makes eating easy and more fun!

Close up of the LED Battery sections. Use the two buttons up top to operate.

Handle easily and they look great.

Bakesplit LED Chopsticks placed on the table


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