Hey there! I’m Justin, founder at Bakesplit. Welcome to our About Us page. Take a look at our company bio. Email me directly at Justin@bakesplit.com if you have any questions or comments.

The Company

Bakesplit is privately owned and operated specialty kitchenware store. Bakesplit is founded on the principle of offering sleek, sophisticated and lasting products for the entire kitchen. We developed a few unique bakeware products, namely the Bakesplit- Baking sheet divider (hence the name). We are an online retailer distributing a wide range of innovative home and kitchen products worldwide.

Midwest fulfillment Center

Our Mission

Cooking is one of the great joys of life. I love cooking for myself and others, and I’m sure you do too! Bakesplit.com is dedicated to deliver the most unique and innovative products to you at affordable prices and help give more spice to your everyday lifestyle!

Our Team


Justin- Founder

Hey! I’m Justin. I got the idea for Bakesplit after spending weeks upon weeks of eating the same flavor of chicken for health/fitness meal prep. Bakesplit, the baking sheet divider, would allow me to make multiple flavors of protein at once- making meal prep easier. Since the creation of this product, we’ve grown exponentially and have partnered with large kitchenware/bakeware retailers. Thanks for checking out our site!

Tayler- Creative Director

Hi there! I’m Tayla, the creative director at Bakesplit. I’ve been working in food photography and Ecommerce since 2012 and am a hobby chef in my free time. I joined the Bakesplit team to help the marketing and bring new kitchenware products to this awesome brand. Email me at Tayla@bakesplit.com


Brine- Director of Operations

Hey everyone, I’m Brine! I have a bachelors in supply chain management and MBA from Northwestern. I’m here to make sure you guys get your orders! Most of my work is on the back end of Bakesplit, but I do tend to dabble in the grilling section. Send any improvement suggestions to Brine@bakesplit.com