There are different types of cakes out there and sometimes it can be quite difficult to narrow down to best cakes around.  It usually boils down to person’s preference or consideration of what is a favorite cake and what is not. There are those who will argue that the classic chocolate cake is the best but then there are those who will hold that it is the carrot cake that remains the best.

Whatever the argument, in this article we are going to take you through the top 5 famous cakes that you will find that remain the best tasty and yummy.

  1. The Tiramisu Cake – this is a famous Italian cake that you will find in most Italian dessert menus from all around the world. The cake is made in layers which are dipped in coffee and then heaped with mascarpone cheese that are whipped with eggs and sugar. This type of cake that originated in Italy remains so popular there but it is also famously made elsewhere these days. It can be made in various flavors including pistachio or strawberry. Get the Tiramisu making guide and prepare this amazing famous cake right in your home.
  2. The Black Forest Cake – it is a chocolate sponge cake that is loved by so many cake enthusiasts from around the world. It originated in Germany where it is referred to as Schwarzwalder kirschorte. In Germany, its native home the cake must be made with the kirschwasser cherry brandy for it to be considered authentic. Indeed preparing the black forest cake considered authentic by the Germans may call on you to add up to half a cup of kirsch. When whipped cream is added to the mixture, every bite of this cake will taste more like taking everything else on the cocktail table! The original recipe for black forest cake is claimed to have been invented by Josef Keller of Café Schaefer in Germany back in 1915.
  3. Cheesecake –the cheesecake is a popular type of cake in the US and its roots can be dated as far back as the ancient Greek times. Sweetened lumps of cream have been eaten by people since the ancient times. The current cheesecake version was made possible after the invention of the cream cheese in the late 1800s. There are numerous times this cake has been criticized by its critics but it has survived the years.
  4. Lamington – this particular popular cake in Australia and it features chocolate coatings with coconut sprinkles. Zesty raspberry jam is usually used as a filling on the cake. It is really a nice cake that is not just popular in Australia but in other parts of the world.
  5. Tres Leches Cake – this cake is a light sponge that is popular in Mexico and other parts of the Caribbean. It is made of condensed milk, regular milk, and evaporated milk. It is delicious any person who tastes it will ask for more of it.



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