Vanilla_cake_flavor_600xThere are different types of cake flavors that bakers can choose from to help make their cakes appealing and appetizing. Sometimes with the many different cake flavors available to choose from, you might find it a little confusing choosing one that is best for your cake. Perhaps you are having a wedding and you want to make sure that you are going to serve the best cake flavor at your wedding reception.

Below are some of the 6 most popular wedding cake flavors that are the most sought for in wedding ceremonies.

1. Chocolate

 The chocolate cake flavor remains one of the top cake flavors that you will find in most weddings. It is an indulgent dessert that is most commonly accentuated with butter cream, raspberry, or caramel. In fact, the chocolate cake flavor remains one of the best that is most sought after by many people. There are variations of the chocolate cake which includes dark chocolate or the German chocolate.


This is yet another popular wedding cake flavor in 2018 that has so many couples seeking for. Indeed the vanilla cake flavor is both an appetizer and pleaser for many people out there. The flavor works well with most types of frosting and fillings. Vanilla cake flavors are most commonly used in wedding cakes as it makes the cake look appealing, appetizing and highly delicious. You can make vanilla cakes with or without egg yolks but the ingredients are usually the same as those for making plain white cake. The main ingredients used in making vanilla flavored cakes include; vanilla extract, baking powder, eggs, flour, sugar, and butter.

3. Lemon

The lemon cake flavor is another popular cake flavor this year that has remained so since it was introduced many years back. It is usually common at many warm-weather weddings as it comes handy for its refreshing taste. Lemon cakes go well with raspberry filling, lemon frosting, vanilla butter cream or fresh berries. You can also pair it perfectly well with mousse fillings.

4. Spice cakes

These are festive flavors that are more common during the cooler months. The carrot and spice cakes are popular cake flavors during winter season weddings. A good example of the spice cakes that is so popular at this time is the cinnamon spice cake that has maple butter cream.

5. Citrus cake flavor

The citrus cake flavor is basically ideal for flavoring wedding cakes in the summer season. It could be an orange cake flavoring or lemon flavoring. These are perfect for weddings taking place in the summer months. To make it a fluffy and moist cake, adding folding egg whites into the cake batter is even better.

6. The Almond cake flavor

Almond cake is so sweet and versatile and you will find it showing up in many big weddings you go to. The almond cake that is salted with caramel and caramel butter cream is really loved by many people. It brings out a delicious taste that is so popular amongst people especially wedding goers.


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