There are various types of cake fillings that you can use on your cake, however, there are important points for you to consider when choosing a cake filling. It is vital that the feeling you are using is stable enough to avoid any chance of oozing it out on the sides. When the cake filling is oozing on the sides, it can make the top layer of the cake to move about. To help you get acquainted with the best cake fillings that you can use perfectly, we take you through the best 5 cake fillings you should know.

1. Fruit cake filling 

You can get so many different types of fruits that you can choose from then cook into a fruit filling for cake to give it that added special flavor. Some of the fruits that you can use for cake fillings include; blueberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, and strawberries. When using fruit fillings on your cake, it is better to use a pipe of frosting which you should apply on the top layer just around the outer edge of the cake. This will help in acting as a dam that will hold the filling in between the layers of the cake. You can as well use fresh fruits which can be added in between the layers.

2. Custard cake filling

The custard is a type of cooked cake filling that contains cornstarch, egg yolks, and flour. This kind of filling needs to be boiled slowly because it contains cornstarch and flour. It is boiled slowly to prevent scorching. You will also need to boil it for up to one minute to make it thicken to its maximum. Not boiling it long enough will make it to get thinner when it cools down. You can then choose to flavor it with a number of ingredients but the best ingredients to use should be lemon, vanilla, or chocolate. You can store the custard cake filling in the fridge for up to 3 days but it is usually best to use it the very day you have made it.

3. Frosting cake filling

You can use the same frosting that you have used to frost the cake for filling in between the layers of the cake. This way you will add flavor and moistness to the cake. The most common  cake frosting that are used as fillings include butter cream, whipped cream, boiled, cream cheese, and ganache.

4Jelly Cake Frosting

Jelly can be used to add a fruit flavored filling to a cake to make it even more delicious. Ensure that you use a piping of frosting when using jelly as a filling on a layer cake. When using a frosting piping on jelly cake filling, use it around the edge of the layer to keep the jelly confined. Please note that cakes that have jelly fillings can be stored at room temperature for up to four days.

5. Whipped Cake Frosting

Whipped cream can also be used as a cake filling and can really bring out a very nice flavor to your cake. You can stabilize whipped cream by adding gelatin to it when you are using it on your cake as a filling. Stabilizing helps your layered cakes to easily hold up together perfectly.


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