Layered cake placed on the cake board

Are you making a layered cake for a birthday party or simply for a family gathering? Learn how you can decorate your layered cake with just a little touch of creativity to wow your friends and family. These 4 layered cake decorating ideas are simple butwill help make the layer cake look appealing, tasty and yummy!

The best part with these four incredible layered cake decoration ideas is that they’ll make your cake taste much sweeter than anything else you will get from the bakery.

Don’t be afraid of making your own layer cakes and decorating them – we got every beginner covered with our detailed layered cake decorating ideas.

Read on to find out more.

Write on the cake smartly

When doing it for the first time, you may find writing on the cake to be a little overwhelming to you, but this is something you will overcome with practice. To  go about this the easy way, you will use a small round piping tip and first practice on parchment before you do it on the real cake. The advantage of practice frosting on parchment is that it can easily be scraped off and be reused. When you see that you have mastered the art of writing on parchment well, you can then move to the real thing – the cake. For better results, it is best to do the piping on firm-chilled frosting, as this will make your work easier and even to make corrections on mistakes that you might make. Just ensure that you keep the cake a little longer in the freezer for some extra minutes before you can start writing.

Dust the edges

Dusting the cake’s edges is a great idea, especially if the cake’s board is frost-stained but it also comes in handy to show off a clean effect at the cake’s base. You can dust the edges of the cake with powdered sugar or cocoa (if it’s chocolate cake). You can use a tea infuser spoon or a sifter to do this.

Add Marzipan Cutouts

Marzipan cutouts are an amazing way that you can easily add whimsical elements to your cake. You can knead gel or liquid food coloring into marzipan, you can then cut out the shapes that you want and then you will stick them onto the cake. You can then deal with any sticky marzipan cut out by dusting with bits of powdered sugar.

Balloon the cake

If the cake’s for a birthday party or whatever other party, why not add a celebratory touch on it by adding colorful frostings to it? A great way to do this is by using bright and colorful frostings on the small wafer cookies on top of the cake that will turn them into whimsical balloons. Let the outside tone of the cake exhibit sky-blue frosting and then add white sprinkles to enhance a cloud-like backdrop.

Extra tip: you can serve more cookies “the balloons” on the side in order for your guests to get at least one. This will help you save the fights for the best slice of the cake!


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