Whipped_cake_filling_400xMaking layered birthday cakes involves creativity just as baking is also an art that is learned. There are some simple mistakes that people who make birthday cakes usually make when preparing layered cakes that can be avoided to help make things right. When making layered cakes, much patience and time is required in order for you to eventually make something that’s good.

While you may be thinking that preparing layered cakes is a complex work of art, avoiding the following mistakes will help make the work easy for you.

  1. Trying to trim a warm cake

Basically, most people like to trim layer cakes that have dome shaped tops as this helps improve the balance of the cakes to avoid tumbling. When you are trying to trim the cake please don’t do it when the cake is still warm. It is best to wait until the cake has cooled completely to cut it. Trying to trim a warm cake will cause tearing or crumbling and possibly spoil it.

  1. Trying to stack uneven layers of cake

It may not be your fault for your cakes to have domed tops, it happens to many people anyway. If you notice your cakes have domed tops please don’t stack them because this can lead to unbalanced layered cakes that can easily tumble over. Always ensure that your cake is stable before you start assembly. Just avoid stacking layers of cake that are uneven. You can always trim the tops of uneven cakes to allow for more stability when you stack up.

  1. Frosting the cake when it is still warm

It is never a good idea to frost layered cakes when they are still warm. Basically, the primary ingredient for frosting cakes is fat and when it is spread on the cake when it is still hot it can begin to melt. It calls on you to be more patient to allow your layered birthday cakes to cool completely before you begin frosting. This will come in handy for you to ensure that once you apply frosting to your birthday cakes it will remain perfect.

  1. Leaving soft fillings unsealed

There are certain types of cake fillings that when applied will remain relatively stable and firm. Fillings such as fudge, cream cheese frosting, butter cream, are usually stable and may be left without being sealed. When you are dealing soft cake fillings like fruit puree, pastry cream, or jams, it is important to seal. If left unsealed they most likely leak on the sides of the layered birthday cake.

  1. Frosting before crumb coating

If you do frosting on a layered cake before crumb coating it, you will notice the outside frosting on the cake looking clumpy with cake crumbs. This is never attractive at all, and it occurs because you simply skipped the crumb coating part. To ensure that your layered birthday cake looks attractive and nice, you better crumb coat it before you do the frosting and it will just be fine.


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